What is Nimbus?

  • Nimbus offers a safe, collaborative learning community for teachers, students and parents. Designed specifically for K-12 education, Nimbus supports the sharing of rich and engaging resources between teachers, teachers and students, and teachers and parents.
    Features Include:
    Group creation. Create multiple groups within Nimbus for classrooms, clubs, teachers, PTA and board members. It's all up to you, and only members will have access.
    Role management. Now you can create custom roles and assign specific permissions for each role. Administrators can also change permission levels for teachers and students.

    Messaging. Send internal messages to members in your group and add attachments. All messaging is contained within the Nimbus group, so there's no need to know an email address or use a separate email account.

    Project teams. Work collaboratively and create sub-groups to facilitate smaller group work or projects.
    Shared calendar. Easily add events to your calendar manually or import them using a CSV file.

    Discussion boards. Any group member can create, view and participate in online discussions.

    Wall posts. Group members can begin a conversation and choose to thread comments. Members can also “like” a posted comment.

    Activity feed. Lists the actions that have taken place with a group, including when a member has been added, a comment has been made or files have been uploaded.

    RSS feeds. Users can subscribe to wall posts, discussions, blogs and other content areas and be notified whenever new content has been added.
    Member activity report. Group owners can view the activity of each member in the group, making it easy for teachers to track student engagement levels and for administrators to report on student learning and teacher activities. Each report includes summaries of all group activity along with activity for each group member, and a graphical view of activity.
    Blogs and podcasts. Engage students more effectively with Web 2.0 tools that enhance communication and collaboration. Podcasts can be easily uploaded and listened to within Nimbus, so students can engage anytime, anywhere. And teachers can flip their classrooms to give students a new way of learning while keeping them safe and protected within the Nimbus environment.

    Assignments. Create assignments online easily add attachments. Assignments are automatically added to the group calendar and to each member’s personal planner. Group owners can grade assignements completed by members within the group.

    Work area. Share documents and collaborate with other members in the same group.

    Polls. Any member of a group can create a poll to engage students on specific subjects, ask teachers to vote on topics for in-service, or invite parents to rate cafeteria choices.

    Chat. Group members can message each other in real time and carry on instant conversations. All you need to do is open the chat page. And our profanity filter ensures appropriate language.

    Photo albums. Members can create and publish a group album viewable by all members in the same group.

    SIS connector. Now you can connect your district's Student Information System to Nimbus, so teachers' classroom rosters can be automatically updated with the students who are enrolled in their classes and groups — saving both the time and effort required to re-enter student information.

    Enhanced text editor. Participants in discussion groups can attach files, insert links, add photos and share videos when creating new topics or replying to a posted topic.

    Enhanced profanity filter. Administrators can add words or phrases to a "black list" or a "white list." Words on the black list are blocked, while words on the white list are not.