Creating a Centralized COVID-19 Resource Center

  • There are various methods districts are using to provide parents, students, staff and community members with information and resources related to COVID-19. Our team has put together some ideas and directions for districts that are still working on developing a central location for information.


    Blackboard has given districts a new website that is designed to be used for crisis management. This is a temporary site but will be available until the outbreak is resolved. We recommend using the new website or creating a channel on the district site.


    It's important to make sure you're directing visitors to the information effectively. The On-Screen Alert feature is the perfect tool for that. Be sure to read about that feature below.


    An example of a crisis website as well as the on-screen alert can be found on Lancaster's site. The on-screen alert is the 1st thing you will see.


    An example of a district using a channel can be found on Amherst's site.



    The resources below will assist you with activating the new crisis site or creating a new channel. To move existing sections and/or pages, to the crisis site or a new channel, review the "move existing section or page" topic.


    As a best practice, review your content on different devices (tablet, phone).


    Don't forget to activate your On-Screen alert.


    Questions/Comments can be sent to our team at

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  • Crisis Website Activation

  • Create a New Channel

  • Move Existing Section or Page

  • Use the On-Screen Alert Feature

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