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    Top Teacher Site LogoThe latest addition to our "Outstanding Teacher" webpages is Mr. David Archibald! Mr. Archibald is an 11th and 12th grade English teacher at Erie 1 BOCES - Northtowns Academy.  His website is great from the start.  He introduces it and describes what you will find while you visit, how he can be contacted, and even a picture of himself.  He also has quick links to important sections right on his home page.  I really like his "about me" section.  He introduces himself and describes his background and hobbies and also has a picture slide show.  It is a nice way for students and parents to get to know him and what his hobbies are.  Throughout his site and also on his resource page he provides links to websites that relate to the information being studied, regents exam preparation, homework files, and also to his calendar (which he keeps up to date).  
    Mr. Archibald also uses podcasts to add music and video to his website.  Under English 12 in his Beowulf section there is a very entertaining video using sock puppets to act out scenes from Beowulf.  Also under theatre & film collide there are video podcasts where students interview each other in front of a green screen and then edit the video by adding in backgrounds.  Lastly I really like the grades section.  It is a secure area where students have to use a password to sign in and retrieve their grades. 
    Great Job to Mr. David Archibald!