Recommened Resources

  • All of the resources on the "How Do I" tab are great but here are links to some of the resources we often recommend or provide during trainings.


    Section Editor Workbook
    Use this workbook to learn about Centricity2 navigation, page types, assigning rights and privileges and adding content. It also covers working with calendars and using the Schoolwires Editor. Because this is a workbook, you will find exercises at the end of each chapter.
    Best Practices for Apps on Pages
    Use this guide to learn the recommended page layouts for each of the Schoolwires apps. Page layouts and the combination of apps you place on your pages is limited by only your imagination--Always consider how your page will display on your end-user website. An app like Assignments, for instance, is probably too wide to display in the small column of a sidebar layout.
    Best Practices for Teacher Sections
    Discusses the top elements of effective teacher sections and provides recommendations and best practices for Editor Layouts, scrolling, fonts styles and font colors, files, copying and pasting content, links, spell check, blogs, tables and images. In addition, it provides tips on copyright and plagiarism
    Schoolwires Editor Best Practices
    Offers best practices to follow when working with the Schoolwires Editor across supported browsers.
    Site Administrator Guide Covers navigating in Site Manager, managing Users & Groups, assigning rights and privileges and adding content to your site.
     Broadcast E-AlertsUse Broadcast E-Alerts to communicate with your users using email, text messages, push notifications, announcement app and Twitter. This guide shows you how to send and manage Broadcast E-Alerts. December 2014.