•  Grade 5  Book talks

     Fiction Titles
     American Chiller series by Johnathan Rand
    Call # FIC RAN
    American Chillers  
    Club CSI series by David Lewman
    Call # FIC LEW 
     Club CSI
    Dear Dumb Diary series by Jim Benton
    Call # FIC BEN 
    Dear Dumb Diary  
     Field Trip Mysteries series by Steve Brezenoff
    Call # FIC BRE 
    Field Trip Mysteries  
    Hocus Pocus Hotel  series by Michael Dahl
    Call # FIC DAH 
    Hocus Pocus  
    Justin Case series by Rachel Vail
    Call # FIC VAI 
    Justin Case  
    Liar and Spy by Rebecca Stead
    Call # FIC STE 
    Liar and Spy  
     Shadow Children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix
    Call # FIC HAD 
    Shadow Children  
     Screech Owls series by Roy MacGregor
    Call # FIC MAC 
    Screech Owls  
    Theodore Boone series by John Grisham
    Call # FIC GRI 
    Theordore Boone  
     Vet Volunteers series by Laurie Halse Anderson
    Call # FIC AND 
    Vet Volunteers  
     Nonfiction Titles
    various call #s 
    Nic Bishop  
    Inside series by various authors
    various call #s 
    Inside series  
    Life in Strange Places by Harry Breidahl
    Call # 579 BRE 
     Life in Strange Places
    Owen & Mzee told by Isabella Hatkoff
    Call #599.6 HAT 
    Owen and Mzee  
     Recipes for your Health series by Nancy Tuminelly
    Call # 641.5 TUM  
    Recipes for Your Health  
    Call # 363.2 HOP
    Which Came First series by various authors
    various call #s 
    Which Came First  
    You Choose series  by various authors
    various call #s 
    You Choose