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  • Technology Survey Initiative

    We will be seeking input from classroom teachers and working with curriculum and technology people in the district to develop our positions, which exist to enhance teaching and learning through appropriate use of technology in the classroom. We will be asking teachers to tell us what type of technology assistance they need most to make technology work for them and their students. You will be seeing us at faculty and department/grade level meetings where we hope to solicit your suggestions. If you would like to complete a brief online SURVEY to help us get a feel for what you need, please click on the survey link now.

    Schedules for regular school visits for the are shown below. These visits will allow us to meet those of you who don't already know us. During the first several weeks of school we will be working to determine the needs and desires for technology assistance in each building so that we can develop an open, flexible schedule that will meet your needs.

    A monthly newsletter is planned to inform you of upcoming inservices and to share current information with all Bedford Falls teachers. See this month's newletter.

    We will be available for meetings during teacher planning time and to team teach planned lessons.

    We hope you will talk to us about your ideas or frustrations. We also encourage teachers to contact us with specific ideas at anytime by phone at 555-5000 or by email.