Innovative Ideas

  • green guy At each User Group Meeting, we highlight new, exciting, and unique things districts are doing with their websites.  Based on district feedback, this is a very popular portion of our presentation.  Please take the time to click on each "Innovative Idea" and review the information provided.  If you're interested in implementing any of these ideas on your website, feel free to contact the Webs that Works team for assistance (
    We welcome you to share exemplary areas of your website with us so we can continue to highlight Districts at our user group meetings.

  • Lockport CSD

    Lockport CSD

    Online student run newspaper

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  •  Franklinville

    Franklinville CSD

    Forms Minibase

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  •  Lansing

    Lansing CSD

    Homework bag

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  •  ls

    Lake Shore CSD

    China Exchange

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  •  tonawanda

    Tonawanda CSD/Pioneer CSD


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  •  Pioneer

    Pioneer CSD

    Ask the Math Teacher

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  •  Akron

    Akron CSD

    "Mini" Staff Directory App

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  •  Newfane

    Newfane CSD

    Channel homepage for a building or department

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  • Westfield Academy and Central School

    Westfield Academy and Central School

    Food Lab Report Form

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  • Westfield Academy and Central School

    Westfield Academy and Central School

    Use the Lunch Menu App to post exam schedules

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Innovative Ideas - Fall 2013


    Lansing - Staff Directory Minibase with Photos

    Take your staff directory to the next level by adding photos of each staff member!

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  •  Lancaster logo

    Lancaster - Mobile Commercial

    Promote your Mobile Web App with a commercial.

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  •  Tonawanda Logo

    Tonawanda City - Print Friendly Button

    Go Green for Free...

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  •  backpack

    Lower Moreland Township - Virtual Backpack

    Thinking about going green??

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  •  MatSu

    Mat-Su Borough Schools - Forms Minibase Library

    Centralize your district forms with the Minibase tool.

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  •  pval

    Pine Valley - Hover to change image in left navigation

    Add an image on your left navigation that changes when you hover.

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  •  cincopa

    3rd party hosted photo galleries and video

    Easily embed a mobile friendly photo gallery or video on your website.

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  •  star man

    Websites that offer FREE stock photos

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Innovative Ideas - Spring 2013

  •  Lancaster Logo

    Lancaster - Get's "Smart" with Web App for Smartphone friendly surfing!

    Take a look at what our C2 Essential clients are doing with the new "Mobile Web App"!

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  •  Avoca Logo

    Avoca - Online Room Reservation/Google Docs.

    Learn how to integrate 3rd party tools like Google Docs.

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  •  Akron Logo

    Akron - Online "Substitute" Tracking Survey

    Use the Forms & Surveys Tool to track daily attendance...

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  • Barker Logo

    Barker - Athletics Custom Minibase

    Create a custom Minibase to archive sports statistics.

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  •  Barker Logo

    Barker - Scholarship Deadline Page

    Use the Assignment App to post Scholarship details.

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  •  Dunkirk Logo

    Dunkirk - Embedded You Tube and Vimeo Homepage Video on Demand

    Embed video on your website using You Tube or Vimeo.

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  •  Ellicottville Logo

    Ellicottville - USTREAM Video Library

    Broadcast live events using USTREAM!

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  •  Pine Valley Logo

    Pine Valley - Schooltube Video Library

    School Tube can help you post videos with ease...

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  •  Pine Valley Logo

    Pine Valley - Creative Homepage Photo Captions

    Use the Adjust Photo button to add captions, borders, effects, and more to your photos!

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  •  CSAT Logo

    Charter School of Applied Technology - Collaborative Staff Wiki

    Use the Schoolwires Simple Wiki App to conduct "online" meetings with your staff!

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  • Lockport Logo

    Lockport - Online Ticket Order Form

    Create a form to generate online ticket sales for events at your district!

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