Support Reminders

  • Email or call all the WNYRIC Service Desk at (716) 821-7171 for website support. While you can email or call any member of the team directly, there are times when an individual may be away from their desk (ie; training, meetings, or out of the office). Emailing the entire team or calling the service desk will ensure that you receive the support you need, right when you need it!

    Collect as much information as possible prior to contacting our team, such as:
    • The browser and version used. Example: Internet Explorer version 11.
    • The location of the error or issue. A link to the problematic page is very helpful, but you can also provide us with a description of the location by Site/Channel/Section/Page (if applicable).
    After hours support is available (before 8 am or after 4:30 pm) in the event of a website emergency. Call 821-7171 and follow the automated system for assistance.

    Note: Please remember to contact the Webs at Work team via the email or phone number above. Do not contact Schoolwires directly, as they will forward any emails or calls back to our offices and this could delay your support case.
    If you have questions about your existing service, a new service, and/or questions about pricing:

    Don't Forget Reminder Note
    Training Reminders
    • C2 Customers receive 2 FULL days of training per year.
    • C2 Essential Customers receive 2.5 days of training per year.
    • Training hours do not carry forward from one year to the next.
    • Refer to the Training Service Level Agreement for detailed guidelines (included in training packet).
    • Refer to the Training Agenda's to the right to review course content and estimated length.          

Training Agendas