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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S., Potato FarmingM.A., Potatoes

Mr. Potato Head

Welcome to my classroom!

Mr. Potato Head is a 4th grade teacher at WNYRIC Elementrary School.  Mr. Potato Head has been a teacher in the district for 100 years and looks forward to teaching a new group of students next year.  Mr. Potato Head enjoys Mrs. Potato Head and his hat collection.  Mr. Potato Head's favorite subject is Science.  Mr. Potato is a world renound chef and gentleman.  In his free time he takes long walks in the toy store and teaches Pilates at Mrs. Potato Head's gym.  Mr. Potato Head is always on the search for a new set of arms.  

Welcome students!

Fun Facts about Potatoes:

-Potatoes are 80% water
-The world's largest potato weighed in at 18 lbs, 4 ox.  That's enough for 73 portions of medium fries at McDonalds
-The world's largest potato producing country is China
-The “French fry” was allegedly served in the U.S. for the first time by Thomas Jefferson at a presidential dinner
-When you purchase potatoes, they are stll alive, just in a dormant state
-Sweet potatoes are not actually potatoes, they are considered swollen roots


2017-2018 Booklist

  • Fashion Cats

    by Takko Iwasa Year Published: 2011

    This 160-page coffee table book compiles the masterpieces of Takako Iwasa, Japan’s #1 cat tailor, into a glossy collection of the finest feline fashion. Supermodel cats Prin and Koutaro don’t wear costumes (although a frog hat and bunny ears make appearances) so much as cat couture, from regal satin capes to striped newsboy caps and proper plaid ties. They even manage to wear Hello Kitty ears with dignity.

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  • How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack: Defend Yourself When the Lawn Warriors Strike

    by Chuck Sambuchino Year Published: 2010

    There’s a new threat in town—and it’s only twelve inches tall. How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack is the only comprehensive survival guide that will help you prevent, prepare for, and ward off an imminent home invasion by the common garden gnome. Once thought of as harmless yard decorations, evidence is mounting that these smiling lawn statues are poised and ready to wreck havoc. The danger is real. And it’s here.    

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  • Raising Unicorns

    by Jessica Marquis Year Published: 2011

    Welcome to the whimsical and very lucrative world of unicorn farming! This is an industry like no other with potential limited only by your imagination. As a future unicorn farmer, you will experience the wide and unique array of opportunities, challenges, and joys of caring for these majestic creatures.

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