Content App

  •  About the Content App:

    Cut Copy and Paste

    cut copy paste

    The Content App is used to add text, images and links to your page.  Position the cursor in the Content Area and enter text.  You can then format the text using one of the formatting options available. 

    Using the Cut or Copy icons you can cut or copy text from the Content App.  

    Using the Paste icon will retain some formatting.

    Using the Paste Plain Text icon removes all formatting and pastes plain text.  

    The Paste Plain Text icon looks like this:



    Font Size

    Clicking the feather will allow you to choose a font size.
















    Font Color

    Clicking the teardrop will allow you to select a font color.












    Insert a Link

    Clicking the chain icon will allow you to insert a link into your site, an email address, web address or a bookmark.








    Insert an Image

    Clicking the image icon will allow you to insert an image into your site. After you have inserted the image, right-click to edit image properties.








    Insert a File

    Clicking the insert file icon will allow you to insert a file link. 


    Insert ActiveBlocks

    Use the Toolbox to add an ActiveBlock.