SchoolMessenger Implementation Project Planning

  • Project includes implementation, training, on-going support.


    Implementation Phase

    1. WNYRIC administrator (main contact)

    2. District administrator (main contact) - Identify the Technical Contact(s) from your district who will work with the WNYRIC administrator to setup the system

    3. Components:

    a. User Accounts - manual import or automated

    b. Student/Staff Data - automated student, staff automated or manual upload

    i. SIS - Identify Student Information System, Where is it Hosted?

    ii. Where are staff held? - Identify what system staff data is kept

    c. Automated Notifications - attendance and food service

    i. Attendance - Absence, Tardy | Daily, Meeting.  How many buildings? Think about which attendances codes will trigger the calls. 

    ii. Lunch- What POS system?  Balance threshold. Think about when you want to send messages.



    1. System Admin Training (1 hr 30 min)

    -Two district staff members

    2. End User (1 hr)

    -All Users

    -Admin and Turnkey teachers

    3. WNYRIC Training Hours - entitled to a one-on-one training session with a member of the Notification Solutions team. You can use this training to supplement the vendor webinar series, as a refresher, or to train new staff members (as needed)


    On-going Support

    1. In district phone, phone and email support for District Administrator