Enabling SMS in SchoolMessenger

  • The SMS feature in SchoolMessenger is not enabled by default. 

    SchoolMessenger requires an SMS opt-in process for those families who wish to receive broadcasts via text message.  There are two requirements for a recipient to receive broadcast messages via SMS (text)...

    1.  An opt-in confirmation receipt sent from the recipient's wireless device  
    2. The recipient's wireless phone number imported into your school's SchoolMessenger account. It is important that the cell number is included on the import file.

    The SMS process does not have to be "turned on" immediately, you may discuss this with other district personnel to decide how you will roll out the SMS campaign.  Turning on SMS for your SchoolMessenger account can be done at any time.  If your district wishes to use SMS, decide which phone number you would like to map SMS to.  You can let me know which phone field you would like to use for text messages and I will work with the vendor to get this mapped.  At the time of mapping, a SMS message will immediately be sent to all phone numbers in your designated SMS phone field.  Recipients that wish to receive text messages will have to send the word 'Yes' via text message back to the short code to opt-in.   Recipients no longer wishing to receive text messages may opt-out at any time.

    The community should be made aware of upcoming the SMS opt-in message several weeks and even months beforehand.  Please read documention below for examples of communications.

    Sample Opt-in message: 

    Ellicottville CSD text messages. Reply Y for aprx 3 msgs/mo. Txt HELP 4info. Msg&data rates may apply. See schoolmessenger.com/tm”
    Note: Going forward, after a new number is uploaded into the SchoolMessenger Communicate system (from a new staff member being hired), the SM system will detect that new number, and send it the opt-in message between 10AM and 9PM.
    Many districts choose not to implement SMS until they have time to campaign - there is a file that instructs districts on campaigning effectively below.
    You can schedule a blanket opt-in, which automatically opts everyone in - not preferred.  You would have to work with Denis to get this done and it's not the norm.