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  • Just add the content you need. With the Text app you can type the information for your webpage and style as needed. The Content App is used to add text, images and links to your page. It also pulls styles from your template and provides you with a simple, clean editing experience. Within the content app you can increase/decrease font size, change font color, strip formatting, add hyperlinks, images and files.  You can also make a bulleted list in the content app.  Tables are no longer in the content app.


    Here you can add multiple paragraphs.


    And break up the content however you see fit.

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  • Update: A recent update in New York Education Law, effective July 1, 2018, requires that a complete physical exam be conducted for all students entering grades K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. We ask that you schedule an appointment with your child's physician if they will be in one of those grades in September 2018. Please forward the completed form to your school nurse as soon as the exam has been completed.


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  • Important School Notice: When any visitor, including parents, family members, and volunteers, wishes to enter any school building during school hours, he or she must present a valid state or government issued photo ID, such as a valid driver’s license.

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