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    Psychologists & Social Workers: 222-2222
    Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy: 333-3333

    Students with special educational needs may receive services, attend programs or be enrolled in special classes in district-sponsored elementary or secondary level schools. A number of these classes are housed in district schools where emphasis is placed on integrating the pupils in regular classes and special subject areas whenever appropriate.

    Children with more intense needs may be served by BOCES programs, agencies, or private schools in the area. Special education teachers, teacher aides, psychologists, social workers, speech/language, occupational and physical therapists constitute a support team for the district's effort to secure or provide help for students.

    For more information, call 229-4563.

    Nonpublic School Special Education Services

    New York State Education Law 3602-c states that if a parent, guardian or legal custodian of a student with a disability wishes to have his or her child receive special education programs and services while enrolled in the nonpublic school, the parent or guardian or legal custodian must file a Dual Enrollment letter with the Special Education Office for special education services with the school district of residence on or before June 1 preceding the school year for which such services are requested.

    If you are concerned your child may have a learning disability or needs special education, please visit these electronic resources for additional information:

    Parents who suspect their child has an educational disability should contact their child's teacher, the school psychologist assigned to their building, a guidance counselor, or the principal.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Special Education at (333-2354).

    For a parents guide to Special Education in NY please visit - A Parent's Guide: Special Education in New York State for Children Ages 3-21

    For technical assistance please visit -

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    Jason Miller
    Director of Student
    Support Services
    & Special Education
    (333) 333-3333


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    Jessica Miller
    Assistant Director
    of Student Services
    & Special Education
    (356) 233-5465

  • Special Education &
    Support Services Office Staff

    Jason Miller,
    Director of Special Education 
    (333) 333-3333

    Jessica Miller,
    Director of Special Programs 
    (654) 325-7341

    John Smith
    District Psychologist
    (716) 209-6248

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