Manage Groups

  • Create your own groups to have a pre-defined set of people to send a message to quickly.  When you create a message the groups will be available under Messages > Groups when you select recipients for your message.


    Groups are great for things like:

    • Sports
    • Clubs
    • Allergies
    • After-school Groups
    • Residence Halls


    group creation


    Add a new private group


    Private groups are only available to you.  Any teacher may create their own private groups.


    1. Select Messages > Groups
    2. Select Add
    3. Select the school, either Elementary or Secondary
    4. Type a group name
    5. Click the Private ID button to auto assign a group ID
    6. Select the members for your group.  Clicking on the folder icon will expand the folders, showing students and parents from your classes or other groups.  You can add the entire folder/class of names by selecting Select next to the folders.  You can add individuals by expanding the folder and selecting the name.