• You can pull existing content onto your page two different ways.

    1. by using an app that is already created
      1. edit in one place only
    2. by coping a page and moving it
      1. might need adjustments to one page but not the other

    To copy a page and move it - You can copy a page but not a section

    1. Navigate to the page you want to copy
    2. Click actions
    3. Click copy page
    4. The page will be copied - copy will be appended to the back - the page will be at the bottom
    5. Move the page - use the navigation
    6. Rename the page to remove the word copy

    To use an existing app

    1. Share the app with yourself from the original location
    2. Navigate to the page you want to put the existing content
    3. On the right hand side of apps, click Use Existing
    4. Find the correct app
    5. Pull it onto the page

    -Once the app is shared, you can only edit from the original location.

    -It's important to name your app something meaningful, this will make it easier to find.

  • Example of shared app:

  • You can pull multiple shared apps onto one page.

How can I find documentation??

  •    Web Community Manager (WCM) has a library of Help Articles, Interactive Video Tutorials, and Additional Resources (help cards, user guides, and more) available to you right from site manager.  That is the best place to access documentation and videos because it contains the most up to date versions.  The "How Do I?" tab is available in the Site, Channel, and Section workspaces.  Please refer to the below screen shots to access this area of site manager.  On the left navigation you will find a list of recommended resources.
    Step 1 - Click on the How Do I tab
    How Do I Tab  
    Step 2 - Search for a topic or browse through the entire library.  If you search for a topic, keep it simple for best results.  For example, for help with a form or blog simply type the word blog or form. 
    How Do I Tab