What is the Headlines & Features App?

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          The Headlines & Features App is typically used on a district or school building homepage but it can be used in any area of your website.  This app is useful for posting important news articles such as the results of a science fair or the need for substitute teachers.  Headlines tend to be longer than announcements and to remain on your website for a longer time. 
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Tagging is Available for Headlines, Podcasts & Blogs!

  • Tagging allows you to categorize individual records in an app. You use the tags to filter which app records display on the end-user website.  If you choose, you can display the tags by which you filtered an app as clickable links on the end-user website or simply display the filtered records without displaying the tags. 
    The below links will help you learn about tagging for Headlines & Features, Podcasts, & Blogs.  If you have any questions please contact the Webs that Work team at wtw@e1b.org
    Work with Tagging Document and Video