What is the Photo Gallery App?

  • Photo Gallery
    Use this app to display images in a rotating gallery.  It is best practice to upload .jpg images.  You can customize the transition between images, image descriptions and fade styles.
    Photo Galleries are an alternative to displaying images as simple page content.  They can be used to highlight events and locations.
    • Field Trips           
    • Graduation
    • Board Meetings
    • Fundraisers
    • Concerts
    • Athletic Events
    • Class Projects
    • Virtual Tours
    Photo Galleries give you access to tools and features that can enhance your images. 
    • Add a description to each photo that displays when the visitor hovers over the photo.   
    • Add an audio file to provide background music, narration or sound effects.
    • Choose a fade style to be used when transition between images.
    • Edit the photos using Pixlr® Express.
    • Turn your photos into hyperlinks to other websites.
    • Share your Photo Gallery so that other editors can display it on their pages.
    *Note: The photo gallery app on the homepage of your website is specially coded to be JavaScript based, a mobile friendly format.  When you use the photo gallery tool in another area of your website it is flash based which means that you need adobe flash installed on your computer to view it.  In the next Centricity 2 release (version 2.6) an enhancement will be implemented that will make all new photo galleries JavaScript based by default.  Existing galleries can be changed from Flash to JavaScript, if desired.  We expect the release to be applied to our servers some time between mid January to late February and will send a notification when it is scheduled. 

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