Working with Page Types and Apps

  •       Centricity 2 allows you to customize pages by adding one or more apps to them and changing the layout.  This allows you to achieve a dynamic look with one page to access information from instead of many pages.  The below information will give you a core understanding of pages, apps, and layouts.  The links to the videos will give you step by step instructions for working with and sharing apps.  
    The various pages on the left navigation provide good examples of multi app pages.  Please take some time to review them.  If you created a multi app page and would like to share it we would be happy to link to it.
    What are the Core Components of a Centricity2 Page?
    Any page you add to your section consists of three core components; a Page Layout, Columns and Apps. A page consists of apps within columns. You have a choice of different Page Layouts from which to select for your page. You add apps to your columns.
    Page Layout
    The way in which the columns are arranged on a page is called the Page Layout. You can have one, two or three column layouts as well as layouts with left or right side-bars and layouts with headers and footers.
    You place your apps into the columns of a Page Layout. You can place one or more apps in a column.
    Apps are the content building blocks of a page. You can have one or more apps on a page. You can edit your apps as well as share them with other editors. Some available apps include the Flex Editor App, Calendar App, Photo Gallery App and Article Library App to name a few.