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    Season' s Greetings!

    The few weeks before Winter Break
    will be full of special programs and many field trips, in addition to our daily
    focus on Reading, Writing, Math and problem-solving learning tasks. You can
    help your child have a successful month by continuing to make learning a
    priority during the holiday bustle. This includes maintaining daily homework,
    reading time and sleep schedules. As you choose Holiday gifts for your child
    remember to include books and games that support learning.

    This holiday season we are being “Bucket-fillers” at school
    and in the community. Charles Upson students and staff have once again added
    holiday greetings to the “World’s Largest Greeting Card for our Troops” that
    has been created in our community. We have supported the Salvation Army canned
    food drive. We have graciously been invited to a holiday performance by the
    music department at Lockport High School. Kindness can be shown to others at
    school and at home by using positive words, sharing and helping others. Each day
    throughout the month have your children tell you the acts of kindness that they
    have participated in and witnessed!

    I wish you wonderful holidays.
    Throughout the vacation have your child continue to read, journal about their
    experiences and their thoughts about what they are reading, and practice math
    facts. Practice makes permanent!

    Remember that the children will continue to go outside daily
    for recess. Boots, snow pants and outerwear are necessary and make wonderful
    holiday gifts.

    Feel free to call me at anytime if I can be of assistance.

    Roberta Donovan, Principal