What is Synergy?

  • Give your administrators, staff and educators access to centralized, Web-based file sharing that’s secure and easy to use. With Schoolwires Synergy, you can create, edit, organize, store and share all your digital files and presentations.
    Features and Benefits:
    There’s no telling when teachers, students or staff might need access to digital files — from home, over the weekend, or on the road. Now you can provide convenient access anywhere, anytime. Schoolwires Synergy gives you the power to securely create, store, organize, and share digital files online — from homework assignments and class presentations to contact lists and schedules. So everyone can gain access to the files they need. And Synergy works seamlessly with programs like Microsoft Word and Excel, so you can create and edit files online from any Web browser.

    Synergy provides 24/7 access to digital files, making it easy for teachers, staff and students to:
    • Collaborate on papers and group projects
    • Manage homework drop boxes
    • Organize files with consistent folder hierarchies
    • Retrieve documents in a snap with power search option
    • Zip and store file and folders to any offline device