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Academy of Business & Finance Prepares Students for World of Work

Advisor Danielle Arnone spoke to the Board of Education about the varied experiences of students who participate in the Academy of Business and Finance. A key component of the program is preparation for the work force.

"The junior students of the Academy of Business & Finance complete the ECC college course called BEEP," said Mrs. Arnone, "which stands for Business Education Employability Portfolio."

The students spend the semester developing their portfolio to showcase their resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation, a sample job application, job shadow experience, career research projects and eight essays on skills they have developed through experiences and projects that are important for every career, such as problem-solving, computer literacy, leadership, communication, and more.

"In January, the students interview with our Academy of Business & Finance Advisory Board members and are evaluated on their employability to see if they would be hired," said Mrs. Arnone. "The Niagara Frontier Industry Education Council then awards two students with $250 scholarships."

Below (Left): This year's scholarship winners, Kate DiMartino and Sydney Wilson, hold their certificates. Below (Right): Advisory board member Callie Koc interviews Sydney Wilson.