Avoca - Online Room Reservation/Google Docs.

Cindy Baker (Technology Integrator/District Webmaster) of the Avoca Central School District has designed a unique web page that provides access to a Computer Lab Reservation Schedule via the district website and a custom designed Google Docs spreadsheet.  Cindy uses the Centricity Blog app to post a month by month schedule.  To get to the Blog a user must sign in to the website, as it is located in a "protected" area and accessible to staff only.  The Computer Lab Reservation Schedule can be accessed with a single click to the calendar icon (see image 1) for the current month.  The icon links to a Google Docs spreadsheet (see image 2).  The user can then select a date and time slot to reserve the lab.  Like the Blog, the spreadsheet is a "protected" document and does require a log-in.
Snapshot of Baker Blog with link to Computer Schedule

 Snapshot of Computer lab schedule