Barker - Athletics Custom Minibase

Jeff Costello from the Barker Central School District has found a unique way to use the Schoolwires Centricity Minibase app.  Jeff designed a searchable database documenting the accomplishments of the Barker Raiders, dating back to the late 1920's!  Using this new tool, visitors and alumni can search for and view the results they need with just a few simple clicks of the mouse.  Previously, this information was stored in Word documents, which made the data less accessible and much more difficult to manage.  With the new and improved Minibase app, information is kept up to date, year after year with a simple import file.  Jeff is so pleased with the results he has achieved, that he has begun to build several new Minibase apps to manage and store additional athletics information.
Click the link below to view the Barker Central School District - Team Database: 
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