Barker - Scholarship Deadline Page

Deborah Dearborn (Webmaster) of the Barker Central School District has shared with us an innovative idea to make the most of the Centricity 2, Assignment App.  Typically the Assignment App. is used to post homework and other projects that can be categorized and have a "due date".  When she began to look for an easier way to share Scholarship information, she decided to try the Assignment App.
Using this technique, Scholarships can be categorized and assigned an expiration/due date.  Visitors can see at a glance all the current and expired scholarships, as well as search for a specific item using the filters which allow a search by category, month, or year.
In addition, each scholarship has a description, requirements for applying, and a hyperlink to an external website containing additional information.  The information can be retained from year to year and updated accordingly, making for an easy to maintain scholarship information site.
Click here to view the Barker CSD Scholarship page: