Pine Valley - Schooltube Video Library

Kelley Ivett (webmaster) is using School Tube to share a variety of video content created by the staff and students of the Pine Valley Central School District.   Kelley has found this method of posting and sharing videos to be simple and efficient.  She has also received numerous compliments from district stakeholders.   
Posting video on a website can be troublesome.  There are many considerations, such as file size, type, and the platform or device the videos will be viewed from.   We recommend testing your video in different browsers to be sure it will play and/or display correctly.  Even so, there is still no guarantee that the end user will have the necessary tools on their computer or browser to view the video.  Hosting your video on a third party website can help alleviate some of those issues.  
School Tube states on their website that they are "the nation's largest K-12 moderated video sharing platform, specifically designed for students and educators".  Using a third party website like School Tube, is becoming more and more popular.  They are designed to stream video so the quality, speed, performance, and viewing compatibility is optimal.   Also, since the video is stored on School Tube servers, a district's valuable storage will not be consumed by the multi-media needs of the district.  The district can surface the videos by linking directly to video hosting site or by embedding the player on the district site.