3rd party hosted photo galleries and video

As an alternative the Centricity 2 Photo Gallery tool (which is flash based), we highlighted a free and easy to use tool - Cincopa.
The Cincopa multimedia platform provides a comprehensive, rich media kit, enabling users to create, host, deliver and control many different, spectacular media presentations. Cincopa's features include image galleries and slideshows, video players, music players and podcast, all offered in various styles, sizes and skins.
Most of the Cincopa's features and services are free of charge, extremely easy to use, can be embedded in any webpage or CMS and are compatible with all mobile devices.
How do I use this tool?
  1. Decide upon the desirable media.
  2. Select one of the 44 incredible Cincopa's skins.
  3. Customize your options.
  4. Upload the media files to your Cincopa's folders.
  5. Paste the code, given to you by Cincopa, anywhere you want it to be displayed.  (Note: You can paste the code in the Centricity Embed Code app.)
To learn more about Cincopa and see live examples, click the links below:
http://www.cincopa.com - Cincopa Website
http://wnyric.schoolwires.com/Page/2030  - Cincopa Sample Galleries