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Do I Need a New Design?

  •  If you're not sure, here are just a few items to consider:

    • Does your website present information in a clear, concise and accessible manner?  It is important to avoid cluttering your homepage with excessive text, images, and video.  Remove unnecessary distractions and focus on a clean design, relevant to users.  Ensure your pages meet accessibility standards.
    • Is your template responsive?  Your website should adjust to the device used, without requiring users to zoom and pan.
    • Is the homepage easy to navigate?  A main function of a homepage is to direct users around your site, so it is important that visitors do so with ease.
    • Has it been a few years since you have updated your website design?  If your site's design has not changed in a few years, it is worthwhile to look at templates that are now available.  You can freshen your site's look without altering navigation, keeping visitors interested but not frustrated by change.
    • Is your template retired?  Retired templates will not receive updates.  Check to see if your template is retired by reviewing the list of retired templates or easily contact us at


Service Details

  • Planning

  • Template Selection

  • Template Configuration

  • Homepage Layout

  • Homepage Content

  • Edit Photos

  • Channel Navigation (Optional)

  • Publish New Template

  • Homepage Editor Training


Design-Ready Templates

  •  Ultra Templates

  • Those with Template Library Subscription can change templates at any time.
    Ask us today if your district has a subscription!