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Do I Need a New Design?


    If you're not sure, below are just a few items to consider:


    • Does your website present information in a clear and accessible manner?  It is important to avoid cluttering your homepage with excessive text, images, and video. Remove all the unnecessary distractions and focus on a simple design that is relevant for users.
    • Is your template responsive? Does it adjust to the device you are using without requiring users to pinch and scroll?
    • Is the homepage layout easy to navigate? The main function of a homepage is to direct users around your site, so it is important that visitors can do so with ease.
    • How long has it been since you have updated your website design? If it has been longer than a few years, it would be worthwhile to look at what is available.
    • Is your template retired?  If you're not sure, click to view a list of retired templates or contact

Service Details

  • Planning

  • Template Selection

  • Template Configuration

  • Homepage Layout

  • Homepage Content

  • Edit Photos

  • Channel Navigation (Optional)

  • Publish New Template

  • Homepage Editor Training

  • wellsville before and after homepage screenshots of template

Design Ready Templates


    Ultra Templates

  • If you have a Subscription to the Template Library you may change templates at any time.  Ask us if your district has a subscription today.