• Classroom Rules 


         Use manners and be kind. (Say please, thank-you, excuse me)

         Listen. (One person talks at a time)                    

         Raise your hand when you wish to speak.

         Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

         Follow directions.









    You may have already heard about our Behavior Chart. Your child starts each day on GREEN. This means Great! You are listening and following directions (making appropriate choices). If a rule is not followed the first time, a reminder will follow. (Time to think about choices being made.) If that rule is broken again, your child receives a YELLOW card. Yellow means Warning! Are you making the best choices and doing your best? Please check yourself and make the right choice.

    After another reminder, if the rule is broken a third time, your child will receive a BLUE card, which means, Make a plan to do better. He or she must fill out a plan or contract, writing what the problem was, and what he/she will do to make better choices. We sign this and send it home for you to sign. It must be returned the next day in order for your child to begin again on GREEN for a fresh start.

    If the problem persists, your child receives a RED card. This hopefully will never happen, but if it does, your child then loses privileges and you will be notified by phone. It may result in detention.

    This system works well, and most students work hard to stay on GREEN so that we all enjoy a cooperative environment! It is a positive approach that also encourages responsibility.