What is the Table App?

  • Tables are a great way to arrange data in rows and columns to provide a visual representation of information.  They can be used for data such as contact information, rosters of students and grade levels, multiplication table, and much more.  The Table App was designed to simplify the experience of creating and editing tables.  A list of key features and advantages is below as well as a link to more information such as a user guide and video.


    • ADA compliant
    • Table will resize automatically to fit viewer screen sizes.
    • Great way to separate your table from other content (keep code clean)
    • Set table styles to give a nice look
    • Format text bold, italics, and justification
    • Insert images or bulleted/numbered lists into cells
    • Right click options allow one to insert and delete columns/rows and set cell alignment
    • Is you have C2 Essential you can snap on commenting and/or the rating tool


    More helpful information on the table app can be found by searching for "table app" on the How do I...? tab in site manager.  One item you will find is a Schoolwires APPetizer card which includes ingredients, directions, and flavor enhancers you can use to create eye catching tables.  Here is a link to that information - http://help.schoolwires.com/Page/1854.  Be sure to click on the thumbnail image and look for the flip and play (video) buttons.