Options for displaying videos on your page

YouTube Embed Code

Google Drive Embed Code

  • Here's how you embed a video from Google Drive into the Embed Code App.


    1. Upload the video to Google Drive.
    2. Double click on the video or right click and select Preview.
    3. On the uppper right corner click on the 3 vertical dots.
    4. Select Open in New Window.
      Google Drive Embed Menu
    5. On the uppper right corner click on the 3 vertical dots.
    6. Select Embed Item.
    7. Copy the embed code.
    8. In Site Manager, navigate to the page you wish to edit.
    9. Add an Embed Code App to your page.
    10. Edit the Embed Code App.
    11. Paste the embed code into it.
    12. Click Save.

Headlines & Features Attachment Feature

  • Here’s how you add a video attachment in a record of the Headlines &  Features App.


    1. In Site Manager, navigate to the app you wish to edit
    2. Create a new record by entering at least a Headline Title and Save.
    3. Edit the record and scroll down until you find the Attachments option. 
    4. Click Add Attachments
    5. Choose From the Web to add a video link from YouTube or Vimeo. 
    6. Select From my Computer and Browse to upload an MP4 video from your computer.
    7. Click Continue.  
    8. Edit the video Title, Placement and Description. If you uploaded a video from your computer, use the seek bar to select the thumbnail for your video. 
    9. Click Attach. You are returned to the Attachments tab. 
    10. Click Save.
    11. More than one attachment can be added to a single record.

  • Here’s how you add a video to a MultiMedia Gallery.


    1. In Site Manager, navigate to the page that contains the MultiMedia Gallery you wish to edit.
    2. Select the Edit button.
    3. Click New Record. The Add Record Window displays.
    4. Title the record. Select Hide, if you do not wish to display the title.
    5. If desired, you can add a caption for your record.
    6. Upload an image by selecting the Select File button.
    7. Enter a image description in the Image Alt Text field.
    8. You can link the record to the video by enabling the Link Record option. 
    9. Use the Embed a Video if you obtained embed code from your streaming video provider (YouTube, Vimeo).
    10. Save