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  • The final topic of the Fall User Group Meeting was a segment that focused on district collaboration and sharing. We surveyed districts to come up with a series of topics that districts would be interested in discussing as a group. The topics were as follows:
    Topic 1: How are you using the district website with applications such as, Google Apps, My Big Campus, and other tools where there is overlap in functionality? What are the requirements for Teachers?

    Topic 2: Looking ahead to budget season, is anyone using the website features to do anything innovative to increase community engagement, share information, and promote legislative advocacy?

    Topic 3: Share your tips to make the district homepage easy to navigate and intuitive.
  • District Sharing Blog

    Posted by Mindy Gigantelli on 11/5/2014
    If you would like to start a discussion on one of the topics above, please use this blog to facilitate dialog. Include the Topic number and title, so the subject matter up for discussion is clear.
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