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    Description of Course:
    This course is designed to build on the previous biology you have acquired in earlier courses. It is assumed you are entering the course with basic ideas and principles of biology. This class will dive into more complex information in the areas of human physiology and genetics, yet keeping in mind the final goal of the NYS regents exam.
    • The students enrolled in this class will be required to complete a mandatory lab section based on topics discussed during the lecture portion of the course.
    • The lab section of this course will be worth 30% of your final grade and the lecture portion will be worth 70%.
    • A grade of 85% or higher on the NYS Regents exam is considered mastery and should be the goal of every student.


    When you are describing steps, instructions or rules - use a numbered list.  When showing the order of items matters, use a numbered list.  

    1. Evolution
    2. Energy, Matter and Organization
    3. Maintaining a Dynamic Equilibrium
    4. Reproduction, Growth and Development
    5. Genetics
    6. Interactions and Interdependence


    When each item carries the same weight or importance, use a bulleted list.  When sequential order is not important, use a bulleted list.

    • Three-ringed binder
    • pen/pencil
    • Lined paper        


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