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    Top Teacher Site LogoMiss Katie Snyder, a High School Science teacher from the Pioneer Central School District, is yet another great addition to the Outstanding Teacher Webpages.  Miss Snyder's site is one of the most well documented teacher sites that the Webs That Work team has reviewed in quite some time.  Every classroom document is available in either a PDF or Word format, such as labs, handouts, weekly lesson reviews, review materials, vocabulary sheets, and journal questions/worksheets.  The entire site is loaded with valuable resources, but Miss Snyder puts it best in an welcome statement on her homepage: (see quote below)
    "You will find many resources to help you with Living Environment/Biology. Look for assignments, worksheets, homework help, project ideas, fun facts, and other cool links. You will also find useful resources for your other classes. Check back regularly for updates and new links!"
    Kudos to Miss Snyder for a job well done!