• Outstanding Teacher Webpages

    I Outstanding teacher would like to share with you another "outstanding teacher site", created by a teacher in the Franklinville Central School District. Mrs. Elizabeth Bradley is a 2nd grade teacher at Franklinville Elementary School and has put together an exceptional website for her class.

    Blogging is big in Mrs. Bradley's classroom starting with a Great Books Blog! On her site you will find a variety of pages including News in Room 312 and Summer Reads/Happenings. blogs that encourage student participation and creativity, including one titled "Fractured Fairytales".

    Mrs. Bradley has many other useful pages such as Today's Homework, Websites for Kids, ABC Book, and more.  There is also a special page called "Student Showcase", in which student stories, poems, artwork, and classroom activities are highlighted.

    Congratulations to Mrs. Bradley for her excellent work!
    Click here to view Mrs. Elizabeth Bradley's Teacher Website