• Outstanding Teacher Webpages

    I wOutstanding Teacher ould like to share with you another "outstanding teacher site", created by a teacher in the Lancaster Central School District. Her name is Ms. Christina Pagano and she is a Spanish teacher at Lancaster Middle School.

    Ms. Pagano's website provides a wonderful example for all foreign language teachers. She incorporates Link Libraries to immerse students in rich Spanish culture by providing them with a wide variety of internet resources, such as:

    • Information, facts and maps on Spanish speaking countries
    • Online slideshows of beautiful cities in Spain
    • Food, music, movies, shopping, and sports information
    • Popular cultural celebrations, humor, and the benefits to learning a second language
    Ms. Pagano uses the File Library page type to provide students with online copies of vocabulary lists for every chapter, project assignments, and a map of Spanish speaking countries. Students can also find detailed daily homework assignments in the class calendar. This is a great way to keep students informed of each and every class expectation.

    Parents will also enjoy visiting this fabulous website. Ms. Pagano thoroughly explains the course in the Welcome to Spanish Class introduction page, shares the current NYS Learning Standards, and gives parents an opportunity to help their children do their best in a Tips for Success page.

    Great Job Ms. Pagano!

    Click here to view Ms. Christina Pagano's Teacher Website