• Outstanding Teacher Webpages

    outstanding teacher I would like to share with you our first "outstanding teacher site", created by one of our very own WNYRIC districts. Her name is Ms. Jill Cornell-Slater and she is an Art teacher at Akron High School. Ms. Cornell-Slater has heavily incorporated the Photo Gallery tool within her pages. Using this technique, she is able to share the student artwork with the community. The pages are visually appealing and provide recognition to the students who have worked so hard throughout the school year. Parents, I am certain, will enjoy seeing their children's artwork posted in this public forum for the world to see. Don't be fooled though, this website is not simply "eye candy"! Ms. Cornell-Slater uses many other techniques to pump up her website including, incorporating hierarchy by subject, providing a course description page for each subject, and including a variety of outside web resources for her students. Kudos to Ms. Cornell-Slater for a job well done!

    Click here to view Ms. Cornell-Slater's Teacher Website
    Submitted by Rebecca Zdon, Implementation Specialist - Webs That Work